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Banking and Finance

Datafeed interface

A set of Java based library is built to interface with different kinds of financial data feed like RFA over RMDS from Reuters. It is composed of 3 packages and default implementation is given in each package. The developers can make use of Spring framework to inject their own implementations. Details

Financial Model Library

A set of library is being developed to make use of CUDA by NVIDIA for finanical model.

Commercial Sector

Betting Engine

The betting engine provides facilities for pitboss to manage match, line and line odds. The system calculates payoff and updates player's balance automatically after line result is added and verified. Besides placing wager online, the player can also contact the operator through phone to add wager directly to the system. Credit soft limit and equity based risk management is implemented in the system. In addition, different values of odds can be applied to a maximum of 4 groups of player either manually or automatically. Flexible commission system for agent is developed. A special type of account called layoff account is introduced to the pitboss to identify the potential profit and loss on each line through hedging.

The system supports both European and American styles of betting which are characterised by money lines, odds, point spread, juice and split line. Besides standard straight line and proposition type of wager, it supports parlay, teaser, if-bet, reverse-if-bet, round robin and combo processings. 5 types of sports, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer are supported in additional of matchup for boxing, tennis and golf.

Line odds and statistics of wager of each line is broadcasted to the user terminal through GreenBird Messaging system. Product Factsheet While the system is betting engine, it provides a set of Java API for front end developer to interface with thus shortening the development and deployment time. Online demo

EV Car Charger

This product comprises 2 parts, central server and station component to interface with digital I/O or relay capable EV Charger. The central server is used to manage each connected station and generate transactional report according to different kinds of payment channel such as RFID or Octopus. The station component is to monitor the electricity consumption through Elster meter and digital I/O attached to the EV Charger. In addition, it can be configured as time based charging by using relay to turn on then off of the EV Charger. Subject to the configuration, the station component can be embedded PC or single board computer such as Raspberry or Beaglebone.

Meter data analyser

It is Web based application which performs meter administration and meter data analysis. Besides displaying intra-day and daily meter reading in form of chart, it also provides virtual meter and bill calculation. It is one of the components of dmpi (Distributed Meter Processing Infrastructure) which collects metering data and other information from the sites through GPRS modem, LAN or dial-up modem. architecture

Android Meter Reader

It is an Android application which implements the whole meter rea ding processing, 1) scanning barcode to get meter identity, 2) reading meter dat a, 3) taking photo of the meter and 4) saving the data in file. The application accepts a list of pre-defined meter to alert the user if the reading meter is in the list.

Java Elster Meter Library

It is a Java based library which retrieves and decodes Elster Germany type meter. These include burst mode data, load profile and instrumentation. It can be divided into 2 sub-products, standalone and network. Standalone exists in form of Java API to be invoked by Java GUI. Network product is self-running component which retrieves and delivers meter data automatically when it is connected from the client over TCP/IP network. The automatic data retrieval is interrupted when command such as historical data access or time synchronization is issued from the client. It is resumed automatically when the command is processed. Meter Library

Distributed Data Processor

Data Concentrator

It is based on SoC ARM processor board, BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi with watchdog, real time clock and different kinds of I/O and it collects different kinds of data and manages the connected passive components through its RS485/RS232 and LAN interface. It also provides an interface to deliver data to the connected application when data is collected from the components. While it can be one of the components of DMPI, it transfers data or command with the components in the central site. DCU infrastructure

It can also be used as standalone device to provide meter data through Modbus interface. It was deployed in utility, commercial sector and government.