Our Works

Banking and Finance

Risk Management Tools
We provided technical consultation to Reuters on the development of FX calibration of Kondor+ and GUI for FX structural product. We were also participated in the development of new structural product of KSP (Kondor Structural Product). In addition, we were involved in the development of credit risk product called JRisk.
Reuters datafeed and fundamental data
We developed Reuters datafeed handler in both Java and C++ versions to communicate with RFA over RMDS infrastructure. News and Time-Series One historical data were decoded and saved to database. The processing of RKD fundamental data over FTP was also implemented. Furthermore, we managed project using Reuters Investor Service infrastructure
Web based editorial system
We developed Web based editorial system to deliver news to Reuters and Bloomberg
Forex trading system
We provided design and development consultation services on forex trading system which includes both front end order entry and backend services such as margin, interest and day-end processing
Financial data on mobile device
We developed financial data delivery system for J2ME compatible mobile device. This included data collection, Web based data delivery and price alert on mobile device.

Commercial Sector

Training Management System

We developed training management system for big audit firm in China and it is being used in several cities and special administration regions. This system provides training program management such as training session, staff sign-on status, report while it keeps tracks of the training progress of the staff. Its backend is developed based on Spring Framework with Apache Tiles and JQuery for administration and report. Its front end is using .NET Framework to handle the sign-on process of each training session using RFID or QR code. While the sign-on process is operated in off-line mode, the sign-on status is synchronized across the machines using local network.

Quick Car Charger System

We developed quick car charger system for utility in Hong Kong and it was deployed in more than 5 sites. This system is composed of 2 parts, embedded device to manage NEC Quick Charger, Elster Meter, RFID payment card and Octopus, Data Server and Web GUI for real time management and report generation. Block Diagram

Electrical Meter Reading & Analytical System
We developed metering analytical system to collect Elster's meter data for analysis. It provided intra-day and inter-day charting display, bill calculation and virtual meter processing. The administration was C# application while the data analysis with charting support was implemented in Java.
Meter Replacement System
We developed workflow system to monitor the process of meter replacement. It is composed of 2 software, database oriented Web system to keep track of each step of replacement and Android application to take photos with barcode scanning and report the replacement steps to backend through mobile network.
EVCar Charging System
We developed EVCar portal and EVCar controller to manage evcar charging. The controller is installed in the site to work with different kinds of EVCharger using OCPP 1.6 and Elster meter for capacity control. The information is updated to the portal in real time. The user in the portal can monitor and manage the charger. Power management module can be plugged into the controller to manage power consumption in each connected charger during charging to ensure that the overall power consumption from chargers does not exceed the capacity allowed in the installation place such as car park or shopping mall. The work is in collaboration with Hong Kong Productivity Council.


Remote Meter Reading System
The system includes data management application in central office and Windows CE based diskless device in remote site. They communicated with each other through dial-up modem. Each diskless device can handle more than thousands of meter through RS485 interface. The data management application provides administration and billing data interface with mainframe
Off-site Meter Reading System
We developed meter data reading application on Windows mobile and Android devices through Bluetooth and RF technology. Data and reading instructions are transferred with system in central office. In addition, the Android version also equips with meter switching on-off capability.